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247 Ridge McIntire Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903

(434) 218-2645

Wonderment Bakeshop & Creamery is a small batch artisanal ice cream and shortbread style tart business based in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Year Round


Speckled throughout with flecks of Madagascar vanilla beans infused in its custard base, this gorgeous cream-colored ice cream is an artisan take on the classic flavor. Paired with a brown sugar and oats chocolate chip cookie, these sandwiches are a year-round favorite.


Starting from the same vanilla infused base featured in our classic vanilla bean ice cream, Stracciatella comes to life when 72% dark chocolate is melted and swirled throughout the freshly churned cream. The result is a smooth ice cream full of thin flecks of brittle chocolate, nestled between two chocolate cookies handmade from scratch.


This rich creation consists of fudgy brownie bites strewn throughout a dark chocolate custard base, which is then nestled between two homemade chocolate cookies. For chocolate lovers everywhere, we believe the slogan goes ’chocolate on chocolate on chocolate.’


We start with our dark chocolate ice cream base and generously add Maldon sea salt, to give it that complexity and balance of sweet and salty. A scoop of this is perfect on chocolate cookies, chocolate chip, or if you’re feeling extra salty, pretzel cookies.


Our favorite candy bar, deconstructed. We swirl our house caramel through nougat ice cream and sprinkle in lots of chopped peanuts. Paired with chocolate cookies or better yet, chocolate dipped peanut butter cookies.


Quick story: I used to hate pistachios. I didn’t get the appeal. What was I thinking? They are sweet, salty, addicting. Our ice cream is chock full of roasted pistachios. No artificial pistachio flavor here. Paired with our cardamom sugar cookies.


We take our tea with milk, and in the case of this smooth tasting cream, that means steeping slightly floral earl gray tea in our traditional custard base. Paired with a classic sugar cookie, this sandwich is perfect for any time of day.


Beyond the gorgeous color, this ice cream is flavorful and creamy and perfect for green tea fans. The naturally sweet, grassy notes of matcha are made for ice cream. Paired with sugar oat cookies.


Say what you will about British food, their sweets are delightful! We make delicious honeycomb (or hokey pokey) candy and crush that into our vanilla custard base. The result? An ice cream with gooey honey streets and pockets of honeycomb candy.


Wine and ice cream? Um, yes please. Merlot ice cream sandwich with a side of wine? Even better. Local Barboursville Merlot shines through this ice cream with hints of red berries. We pair it with our dark chocolate cookies that will make even non wine fans love this sandwich.


Not just for birthdays, this ice cream is a year round fun and festive treat. Homemade yellow cake mix is swirled into our custard, churned and then loaded with colorful sprinkles. When we are feeling extra fancy, there might even be swirls of buttercream frosting in there, smooshed between two sugar cookies.




A slightly more rounded take on vanilla, the distinctive malt taste is just like malted milkshakes of yesteryear. This vanilla has a rich depth and creaminess that pairs so well with chocolate cookies, peanut butter cookies or chocolate chunk pretzel cookies.


While many will seemingly recognize this popular ice cream flavor, few are prepared for the fresh taste that comes from recently picked mint leaves steeped in a custard base prior to churn. With zero extracts or fake coloring, the final product is a cream colored ice cream bursting with a refreshing and natural flavor and chockfull of dark chocolate chips. Served on homemade chocolate cookies.


This rich creation consists of fudgy brownie bites strewn throughout a dark chocolate custard base, which is then nestled between two homemade chocolate cookies. For chocolate lovers everywhere, we believe the slogan goes ’chocolate on chocolate on chocolate.’


It all starts with the award winning coffee beans of Mudhouse - a Charlottesville institution for over 20 years. The beans are steeped in our custard base which is then churned to produce a smooth café au lait flavor, before finding a home between chocolate cookies.


For a refreshing take on this cherished campfire flavor, toasted marshmallows are blended throughout our custard base, producing a creamy mallow custard which is placed between two handmade from scratch graham cookies. Sandwiches are then generously drizzled with 72% dark chocolate for the full s’more experience.


Sweet & salty, this classic ice cream flavor gets a double hit of peanut butter from a peanut butter base and swirls of luscious peanut butter. Combined with either peanut butter cookies (for an all out PB experience) or dark chocolate chunk cookies.


For raw cookie dough lovers, enjoy our rich brown sugar spiked custard base with gobs of cookie dough speckled with chocolate chunks. Paired with a brown sugar and oats chocolate chip cookie for the full experience.


A local blend of loose chai is the basis of this delicious, now classic Wonderment sandwich. Black tea, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and black peppercorns create this spicy and creamy ice cream. Think: chai latte. It is generally paired with sugar oat cookies that let the ice cream shine.


Are you a fan of the milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl? If resounding yes (which totally should be) then this is the ice cream for you! A sweet, slightly toasted corn flavored ice cream with crushed cornflakes throughout, paired with our cornflake sugar cookies.